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          版权所有 河北先河环保科技股份有限公司 Copyright ? 2017 SailHero Inc .      冀ICP备14021856号-5       网站建设:中企动力石家庄



          SCI, one of Sailhero’s subsidiaries, is located in Portland, the United States. SCI is a world leader in innovative and ground-breaking, air monitoring technology.  Its products include the world’s first thermo-optical method for measuring organic and elemental carbon, as well as the first real-time monitor for metals in the ambient air.  These measurement tools are used by researchers, regulatory agencies and industries throughout the world to help solve real-air pollution problems.  In addition to these products, SCI, acting as Sailhero’s globalization lead, is also proud to offer a new line of Sailhero products for ambient air and water monitoring. 
          SCI has an extensive world-wide network of distributors that it uses to provide maintenance of its instruments. The distributors are located in over 60 countries that allow SCI to work at the local level with government agencies, regulatory agencies, city governments and academic institutions.